Patients Corner

The best advice we have to offer is to communicate with your medical aid insurer, they will provide you with valuable information should you be in contact with them. Remember you are their client and they need to deliver excellent service to you.

Not all your costs will be covered by your medical scheme or insurance, therefore you need to obtain an estimate of cost or at least ask about the costs involved from all the relevant parties

When you are admitted to hospital for a procedure, remember that there will be multiple healthcare professionals involved in your care.
The most obvious are the hospital, surgeon and anaesthetist. But the knowledge and skill of other healthcare professionals may be requested during your stay for example you may need to have bloodwork done or x-rays.

Most private clinics offer a pre-admission service, either online or in person, please make sure to visit these as you may learn more about your stay in hospital.

Although is it very daunting to learn that you need medical intervention please remember that you will remain responsible for any costs involved in your treatment, therefore take a moment to reflect and ask questions regarding the costs involved and contact your medical aid to ensure you know what you are covered for. Even in the scenario where your GP referred you to a specialist – First contact your medical aid to ask if you will be covered or if you need an authorization number or maybe a referral letter.

It is also advisable to contact the said specialist to enquire about their fees and protocols.

Putting all of the above in perspective – we are here to serve – but are obliged to follow the rules and regulations that was predetermined.


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